Social Media Facts That Every Marketer Should Know : 



1. Users Between 35 And 49-Years Old Spend The Most Time On Social Media

Studies have shown that this category spends almost 7 hours on such networks, per week, while Millennials (18-34), spend a bit over 6 hours per week.

2. Women Use Social Media More Than Men

On average, they spend around 6 hours and 33 minutes per week on social networks, while men apparently have way more activities, since they spend about 4 hours and 23 minutes.

3. Social Media Is A Great Source Of Information

Of course, we’re not talking about news, but finding out about products or services! 37 percent of all consumers are doing this, while 32 percent of them prefer searching for exclusive offers or various discounts from their favorite brands.

4. The More You Stay On Social Networks, The More You Tend To Spend

It seems that 41 percent of those who spent 2 hours or even less on social networks over the past year spent at least $500 online. Also, 38 percent of those who used social network for at least 3 hours, daily, were OK with spending at least $500.

5. Social Media Builds Trust In Online Shops

Finally, more than three quarters of the total number of social media users from the United States made an online purchase last year. On the other side, just 46 percent of those who don’t use any network followed their example.

Social Media Facts That Every Marketer Should Know

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